Ward 2 Update — Sept 18

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We're all in this together

Things are really gearing up this election! If you are receiving this letter then you know our campaign is so strong - let's be proud of that. This is your campaign - you've volunteered, displayed hundreds of lawn signs, and invested in your candidate so far. I am here because you asked me to serve.

Why we're all here

You have told me what you want. You want real engagement. You want a council that represents your interests. You want a councillor you can connect with. I have earned your trust and am pushing for our future - your voice will drive decisions in our city. 

My Experience — What makes a great Councillor?

Our campaign is strong, others are trying to change the dialogue - "she's not ready, not experienced". Let me tell you I am more than ready, right now. My candidacy is driven by necessity at this critical point in our future.

Residents are my first commitment and I have proven that to you - when it really mattered. Known as one of the best delegators in City Hall, I have dedicated hundreds of hours bringing residents voices forward through the official plan and issues of planning and development. Speaking to Council in a rational and exacting manner earned me the trust that I can be counted on to communicate with respect and an unparalleled understanding of complex documents. I did all of this because I cared. I know what is required to welcome sensible growth while protecting our neighbourhoods to ensure our quality of life for all residents. 

Here's what I have done: 

  • Stepped up for Lakeshore Residents in 2016 to attain a successful OMB Appeal for Blue Water / Avondale Cres. " We are grateful for Lisa’s tireless support and believe she would continue a strong voice in Ward 2. She is energetic, enthusiastic, and supportive of character-driven development sensitive to the core values of Burlingtonians." - Lakeshore Residents Association

  • Co-founded Engaged Citizens of Burlington. "Issues of heritage designation and retention, building heights, setbacks, parking, traffic flows among others should be reviewed with concerned resident and adjustments made where needed. City planner and councillors should be held accountable for negotiating on your behalf and accurately representing your views. I applaud the work of Engaged Citizens of Burlington in raising awareness of the issues." - Burlington MP Jane McKenna, Burlington Post May 15, 2018 

  • Got ahead of the issues. “(We want) to bring awareness around the changes being proposed in the new Official Plan (OP) and ensure individuals are getting the information they require to make an informed analysis, insight and understanding of how the new (OP) will affect them and the areas they enjoy,” Lisa Kearns, ECOB board member responsible for civic affairs. Inside Halton January 24, 2018 

  • Brought your voice forward. In January, the Engaged Citizens of Burlington led a rally at city hall before a planning meeting that then stretched into two days and drew 33 delegations, most urging a delay in ratifying the new official plan. Lisa Kearns told councillors at the time "there has been an outcry of opposition and a sense of a broken trust" since the approval of 421 Brant. "We need a complete strategy and we need it before this (official plan) is voted into law." The Hamilton Spectator April 25, 2018

Here is what is expected of a Councillor, and how my REAL experience lines up:

  • To represent the public and to consider the well-being and interests of the municipality; I have been welcomed at every door because I have connected with you on what the well-being of our city means to you. I am ahead of the issues on intensification, transit, greenspace & tree canopy, housing affordability, waterfront access, cannabis dispensary, and fundamental municipal services. Join me and see it with your own eyes, its truly amazing. Every interest is interconnected and my experience in strategic management delivers on the best value and outcome built on real engagement. 

  • to develop and evaluate the policies and programs of the municipality; As a seasoned professional my career is built on developing, evaluating and implementing policies and programs across manufacturing and health care industries. I hold a Honours degree in Political Science from Western University ranked in the top 200-250 World University Rankings. Curriculum focus on Public Administration on a foundation of Business studies. Academic and practical experience will serve Ward 2 with excellence. 

  • to maintain the financial integrity of the municipality; The City of Burlington's budget is both a Capital and Operating budget - my experience in planning, accruing and executing annual budget cycle for national companies exceed the City's budget multi-fold. My strong financial background sets me up to see with clarity how we are spending your money on the things that matter. 

  • to ensure that administrative policies and practices are in place to implement the decisions of council; Implementing decisions is really just getting things done! I have developed successful teams that have over delivered on the most challenging of projects. In 2015, a $1.2 billion acquisition brought two of the largest medical diagnostic companies in Ontario together. My change management skills and leadership brought the procurement team through integration delivering savings that exceeded the targets ahead of schedule. I deliver inspirational and humble leadership across teams, stakeholders, and residents. 

My Goals — What do I hope to accomplish?

1. I want to reconnect constituents with their government. Open doors and open ears. I opened a campaign office at 453 Brant Street to show you that I am here for you. We can accomplish so much with effective communication

2. I want Ward 2 to have a better balance of living and working — to once again be a place that’s accessible to new business, bringing back more employment

3. I want Ward 2 residents to feel a returned sense of ease and stability — to feel as though their quality of life is improving and that their municipal government is working for them to protect their laws and interests against external pressures and unwanted control of this place

4. I want to restore a sense of trust between the community and its city council — trust earned by hard work, purpose and values in the right place — an understanding of who comes first — constituents and independent Ward 2 businesses owners over the interests of external politics and big businesses that only see Ward 2 as a product from which to profit

What's next?
This Thursday September 20th, 7pm AGB details below.
Full platform + literature release this week
We already knew what we stood for, now I'll deliver a fine tuned plan.

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